Sebo 370 COMFORT (light gray/dark gray)

User Benfits: Premium filtration as well as dual hard surface and carpeted flooring abilites. Extra tools help users acheive a deep clean.

User Cons: No cons for this vacuum other than HEPA filers are not available for this unit.

Dual Motor Function- On and off brush roll function means the brushroll stops turning when the vacuum cleaner is parked in the upright position. This can help increase the lifespan of your vacuum power head as well as your flooring. The dual motors also help provide effortless power while maintaining a quiet operating volume.

Hospital Grade Filtration- The 370 Comfort gives users high quality filtration removing pollutants through a s-class pre-motor filter, multi-layer filter bag and finally the post motor exhaust filter. The entire vacuum is tightly sealed helping to push the air through the entire filtration process before it gets released into your home.

Extension Hose w/ Attachments- The SEBO instant use suction hose if 6ft long. A dust brush, crevice tool and upholstery tool provide you with the necessary attachments to clean almost your entire house. From flooring to furniture and tight spaces to open countertops, the SEBO Comfort can do it all.

Large Cleaning Radius- The 39ft cord combined with the extension hose and wand make for a very large cleaning radius. That means less time hunting for an outlet and more productivity during your cleaning time.

Warning Sensors- The SEBO 370 really helps users maintain their vacuums health as well as ensure it is performing at the highest level possible. A brush roll jam sensor automatically shuts off the brush roll motor saving your vacuum from burnout. A worn brush roll / improper height setting sensor alerts the user if the brushroll is not making ideal contact with the ground. A bag fill / jam sensor tell users when there has either been a jam in the unit or the bag has reached its capacity. This helps keep your motor from burning out and ensures that your vacuum will have full suction at all times.

Lay Flat Technology- The 370 Comfort lays flat to an incredible 5.5” profile height, all while maintaining full suction. This allows the vacuum to be used under beds, tables or any furniture with a low clearance height.

370 Comfort Warranty- SEBO gives users a 5 year warranty with purchase. This means the user is assured of quality construction and performance. This warranty covers all labor and non wear parts costs for 5 years after purchase (vacuums used for commercial purposes not covered). Even the belt is covered by this 5 year guarantee.

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