Mosquito Super HEPA 10 Quart Backpack Vacuum 10-1011

The 10 Qt. Super Mosquito HEPA Backpack Vacuum weighs 10.8 lbs, has a static lift of 88 in., an amperage of 11.4 amp, airflow of 152 CFM, decible of 67dB, and power of 1328w. It’s extremely high airflow will increase productivity and speed of cleaning, which in turn reduces effort and costs. It is great for removing fine particles inbedded in carpet fibers. Use it in hospitals, schools, office buildings or in any high traffic area.
Part # MOS 10-1011


Vacuum 60% faster with the Mosquito Super HEPA backpack vacuum. Extremely high air-flow speeds your cleaning, increases productivity, and reduces cost and effort. Great for use in schools, office buildings, hospitals and high traffic areas. Highly effective in removing fine dust and particulates embedded deep in the carpet fibers.

Standard tool kit includes:

  • Aluminum wand
  • 14″ floor tool
  • Dust brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Upholstery tool

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