Find Answers to commonly raised questions.

Not sure which vacuum is right for you?

No Problem! trust the cleaning equipment experts, we have the answer for you. Whether you need a Stick Vacuum, Upright Vacuum, Canister Vacuum, Commercial Vacuum or a Central Vacuum our experienced staff will help you find the right fit for your specific needs.

Still can’t decide?

That’s OK! Our equipment rental service allows you to try many of the major brands so you can find the equipment and accessories that satisfy your individual needs before you buy.

What if I am not ready to invest into a new vacuum or commercial equipment?

Not a problem! You can rent one on a daily or weekly basis from Foothill Vacuum & Janitorial Supplies. You’ll find competitively-priced vacuum cleaners and equipment rentals at our convenient location. 

Looking for Commercial equipment?

We have Carpet Extractors, Floor Machines, Steam Cleaners, Vacuum Backpacks, Automatic Scrubbers, Commercial Dehumidifiers, Air Movers and More! Call us or visit our store for more information.

Does pureWash Pro X2 kill Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Aqueous Ozone (ozone infused into water) is proven to kill viruses. pureWash is no different, in 2015 independent lab testing supported that our technology reduces bacteria up to 99%. However, the FTC has made it very clear that, at this time, no person or company can make any claim of any kind specific to COVID-19.